“I have had the pleasure of working on several child advocacy cases with Gail. She is very responsive, dedicated to the families she is working for, and she is knowledgeable about the law. If I needed to advocate for my child, I would contact Gail Libertucci! I highly recommend her services, and I encourage you to reach out if you are in need of child advocacy assistance.” – RC


“Ideally, school is an enriching experience, packed with learning experiences, social opportunities and positive emotions. Unfortunately, it is nearly as common for children to experience stress, anxiety, failure, frustration and myriad disappointments from which their parents often feel powerless to protect them. A child advocate can help. Gail Libertucci, owner and operator of A Child Advocacy Place, is the best of child advocates. As an examining psychologist collaborating with her on several cases, I can attest to Gail’s doggedness and determination, which is paired with competence and compassion. The microcosm of special education has become a world unto itself with multiple classifications, accommodations, rules, laws, policies, and procedures, all of which are thoroughly known and navigated by Gail. Having previously been a teacher, department chair, and dean of students, these expertise were accrued through a long career in education before coming to her present position as an advocate. Lastly, I would say that Gail stands out from other advocates with which I have worked, not only for superior professionalism and knowledge, but because of the forcefulness with which she pursues client rights against the most determined opposition from self-interested and misguided school districts.  Gail Libertucci is the best advocate I know, and also the best advocate I can envision. If you are a family with a struggling child, I highly recommend making, what may well prove a transformative, even a life-changing call, to Gail Libertucci.” – SH